Gavin Ross &
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Gavin Ross needed to update his company look to align with his business direction. They wanted to look more boutique and professional then their competitors. They also wanted to attract more Chinese investment which required the sites to be multilingual.

The imagery was incredibly important in selection and then to bring the design to life I cut the foreground and background of the images out and animated them on an infinite loop. The outcome of this was to do something different from the large static image banner and delight customers.

The websites are built into the WordPress CMS and WPML (WordPress Multi-Language) was implemented to handle the multi language functionality.


The old website home page in the back and the new international Chinese home page.

On a strategy front, AdWords was chosen as it is a very competitive industry. This allows immediate visibility on the websites.

A remarketing campaign is also running as the buying cycle is quite long for multi-million dollar investments.