Escape The Vault

I was engaged by Escape The Vault to be the main creative for the business. This was a start-up and their needs vary drastically. I work on many aspects of the business as listed below:

  • Creative Direction & Branding
  • Digital / offline marketing strategy
  • Room theme / story direction and puzzle design
  • Website design and development
  • Customer service / servicescape design
  • Interior design
  • Asset creation
  • Marketing material (flyers, sales documentation)

Brand – I went with bright yellow for the main colour with dark grey and a smoke effect to add a theatrical aspect to the business. I used the font orbitron because of its impact nature, especially in caps, but rounded corners to keep it friendly.

Download the events sales documentation to see the brand theming at work.


Isometric artwork created in illustrator to compliment the description of “what is an escape room?”

Reception area utilising the main brand colours by painting doors. I also introduced timber into the mix to give it a modern but warm feel.

The flagship puzzle room “The Vault” feature image. I blurred the vision through the door to keep the mystery aspect of the room and it creates a feature suprise during the room escape when the door code is cracked. Each room contains a feature surprise.

An image of the interior of the library showing the intricate room theme design.

A group enjoying their group event booking in the common bar area.

Room 1987

Photography & animation to launch our new room making it cool and creepy at the same time!
This was launched on Facebook and became our most popular room in 2 months.

Some testimonials after 1 month of operation & proud to have a 5 star rating after 70 reviews in 6 months.

The nicest Vault staff I think I’ve ever met. There’s puzzles to fiddle with while waiting for your crew, and we had ice cold water on a stinking hot day that we were allowed to take in to the (air conditioned) room with us!

We did The Vault, and what a puzzle room. Really creative use of limited size, and some of the puzzles really make you think outside the square. Without giving to much away, the recurring theme was multiple uses and multiple ways to solve some of the puzzles.

Looking forward to coming back soon!!

Had such a great time at escape the vault Melbourne, the puzzles were clever and so well thought out and very enjoyable. The staff were incredible, so friendly and such passionate people, could not rate them high enough. Our family had an amazing time and we had an 11 year old to a 20 year old challenged, whilst still having a great time, we will be coming back soon to try out the next room !!