Digital Audit

I was brought into this project to design the interface for a complex data analysis and recommendation tool.

The audit tool was built to scrape the clients website, its main competitors, their presence internet wide and then give a health score for the website and marketing activities. After the scrape it gave recommendations on specific points in what could be improved on the website or web pages. It also would be able to compare data across time.

There were three main challenge in designing the tool:

  1. The multiple layers of users and what specific information they were allowed to see.
  2. Displaying the data in an easily digestible way and breaking it down for different departments.
  3. Comparing the data to the competitors

It was also designed around using the Google Material Design user interface.

The Brand Awareness interface where the tool analyses all the main social media companies, and depending which Google tools are linked, will display what it can.




The campaign home screen where your presence is rated on 4 main criteria and ‘converted’ into sales and marketing speak.

The actions in the layer below become more technical because they are for the specialists completing the work.