Mazda Dealerships &

Mazda Australia updated their branding and City Mazda wanted to keep their branding in line. The main goal was to increase sales of their new and used vehicles and in turn my goal was to increase enquiries. The main goals were broken down again by where customers are in the buying cycle.

  1. Get a quote
  2. Book a test drive
  3. Apply for finance
  4. Download a brochure

The success of the City Mazda website (2014) was so great when the General Manager moved to Shepparton (2015) his first move was to have the McPherson Motors Mazda website updated.


Visual mega menus to give the users a easy overview of the entire range.

The car pages also had to be integrated with the Mazda Australia iframe pages. This created an interesting situation where SEO pages had to be created which then users were directed to the integrated pages with the Mazda Australia content but within the dealership website.


The top 3 bars are the dealership content and call to actions, the banner and below is the Mazda Australia iframe content